Visiting Arlington In Washington? Don’t Miss These Attractions!

If you are looking for a quick escape from Seattle, Arlington can be an interesting pick for the weekend. This small city is known for many things, and is just an hour’s drive from the rush of Seattle. In this post, we are sharing some of the best things to enjoy in Arlington.

The Outback Kangaroo Farm

The Washington State is known for parks, lakes, and forests, and if you are in Arlington, you have to make time for The Outback Kangaroo Farm, which offers amazing tours, where you can interact with animals, including some of the exotic species. Totally worth the time.

Enjoy at a casino resort

There are some incredible casinos near Seattle, and many of them are luxury resorts in Arlington. Stay overnight for some gambling extravaganza, and do check some of thein-house entertainment options available at selected resorts. Discover the best bowling alley in Arlington wa at Angel of The Winds! If you intend to come over a weekend, we would recommend that you book your stay in advance, because many resorts are almost full on most weekends.

Bryant Blueberry Farm

In case you are traveling with your family, you should definitely make time for Bryant Blueberry Farm, which is known for being child-friendly and offers a real farm experience for the kids and adults alike. Just call up and enquire in advance, and there are some other activities that the farm organizes from time to time.

Imagine Children’s Museum

Just close to Arlington is Everett, which has the Imagine Children’s Museum – A great place for the entire family. You can plan events here, but there are also a bunch of other events and activities that can be considered. There are different themes in the museum, including Music, Science and Engineering.

Where to stay in Arlington?

As we mentioned, there are amazing resorts and hotels in Arlington, but if you don’t mind paying a tad more for luxury, just find a casino resort. Many resorts also have themed restaurants, and you can fine-dining options that are among the best in Washington. It is absolutely wise to always plan your trip in advance, considering the rush from Seattle. For many people in the city, Arlington is a nice escape away from the daily routine, so weekends can be quite busy.

Check online now for fun stuff to do in Arlington and plan your trip right away!

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