Things to Organise Before You Go on Holiday

Who doesn’t like a good holiday? It’s a chance to get away and enjoy yourself, without the stresses of everyday life. But you must remember, there’s so much to do before you go, and it can be easy for things to slip between the cracks. Here are some things most people need to sort out before they go.

Sort out home security

When you’re away, you want your home to be as safe as possible, and this means you may need to put extra security measures in place, such as:

  • A motion sensor doorbell
  • Extra locks
  • A timer system for your lights to make your home look lived-in
  • Interior cameras, which you can access remotely

This ensures your home is kept safe, so you don’t come back to a nasty surprise.

Sort out pet care

Unless you’re going on a pet-friendly jaunt, someone will need to take care of your pets while you are gone. Look at options such as dog boarding, as this will ensure your pets are looked after 24/7 and given everything they need. While options such as pet sitters who drop in are good for smaller pets, when it comes to cats and dogs, they usually prefer to stay with someone and feel safe in their environment. Kennels are best for them.

Make sure you have your documents for travel

Post-COVID, documentation and paperwork are more important than ever. In the past, people would just grab their passport, and everything else would be on their phone. But nowadays, things are more complex. Depending on where you travel, you may need a COVID test or vaccinations, and you will need to show proof of these things before you board the plane. Of course, there’s also the visa situation, which varies from country to country. Make sure you do your research and get your paperwork sorted out with plenty of time to spare.

Going on holiday means you have to organise a lot, but at least once it’s done you can kick back, grab a cocktail, and enjoy days on the beach. You should think about your home and sorting out everything that needs to be done, then think about pets, and then, all the stuff you’ll need to take with you. Rest assured, you’ll feel relieved when it’s done and you’re less likely to have one of those horrible moments where you realise you’ve forgotten something.

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