The Best Day Trips to Take from Philadelphia

Philadelphia is an incredible city, but it’s natural to sometimes want a day away to explore new and exciting cities. Fortunately, Philly is in a great location where you can drive anywhere from the nation’s capital to New York City!

If you’re ready for a day away and aren’t afraid to have fun with it, consider checking out one of these fun short trips.

1. Washington, DC

Although this is a longer trip, just under three hours each way, if you can plan your day for it, this is an amazing drive and outing! Washington, DC, is full of beautiful art, incredible museums, and enough history that someone could spend a lifetime exploring it.

If you’ve never been to the nation’s capital, taking a day trip, there will give you the opportunity to see the landmarks and historical sites that so many think of when they’re talking about the country. This is also a great place to go for food and entertainment!

2. Gettysburg National Park

This two-and-a-half-hour drive allows you to get in touch with history and learn more about the state you live in. Just 140 miles from whatever Philadelphia houses for sale you’re considering, this park helps visitors deep dive into the history of the area and how our nation worked on healing over one of the most traumatic battles in history. Although there are countless battlegrounds on this side of the country, this is one of the most important you could learn about.

3. Valley Forge

If you’re eager for a day of history and excellent education, it’s time to stop in at Valley Forge. This was the encampment site of the Continental army between 1777 and 1778. Just under an hour from Philly, this stop has over 3,000 different historical placards and interesting stops that will help you get to know the area and connect better with the state you live in.

4. New York City

Who can say no to a fun visit to NYC? Only two hours from Philly is the largest city in the county! In New York City, you can enjoy food, live theater, countless businesses, performances, and so much more that make this city so special. This drive is a busy one, but if you want to take off some of the stress, a train will get you into the city in just an hour and a half!

You can visit for more.

Everyone should visit New York City at least once since it’s such an incredible place for culture, entertainment, and more. Of course, this could easily be turned into a weekend-long stay, but it’s still feasible as a single-day trip!

Sometimes a Day Off is All You Need

Although some of these day trips could easily be changed into a weekend off or a full week vacation, what many of us need is just a day or two away from home. Consider checking out some of these fantastic outings the next time you want a break from the stress of daily life.

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