Top Safety Tips for Avoiding Tractor Tragedies

For your farm or for your work, you may need to use tractor frequently, but did you ever think about its safety features?

In this small article, we shall look into various factors that will make your tracteur (English meaning is tractor) little safe for your workers and minimize their injuries.

Following are few things that you must check about your tractor.

  • You must choose tractor based on the operator

Make sure that when you choose your tractor, then keep in mind the height, weight and experience level of the operator, whom you will hire to run the tractor for your farm, so that the operator is comfortable with the tractor.

  • Make sure that one tractor seat is used by single person only

You must remember that the tractor does not have any absolutely safe childcare seat available on a tractor. If you use extra riders then you will compromise operator’s attention to details and also his decision-making.

  • Consider for rollover protection system

You must be aware about various rollover protection available for most of the tractors that are available in the market and based on that, you may choose your tractor.

  • Try to remain safe while in tractor

Follow all the safety norms like wearing seat belt while driving tractors, and don’t be casual about it.

  • Follow all maintenance schedule

During maintenance of the tractor make sure that following parts are checked:

  • Guards
  • Brakes
  • Hazard decals
  • Lights
  • Signals
  • All other safety related devices.

  • Avoid side rollovers

There must be clearly understanding about the center of gravity principles of as well as know about centrifugal force acting on the hillsides and slopes.

  • Avoid rear overturns

Also, one must understand thoroughly the principles about rear-axle torque as well as how quickly it actually can happen. You must hitch to the drawbar only.

  • Always keep guards in its place

You must make sure that you must never use or try to implement missing guard.

  • Limit mixing tractors

Whenever possible, try to travel during off-peak times. In case, you need to be on road, then always use clean and highly reflective type of slow-moving vehicle emblems, flashing lights, turn signals and escort vehicles.

  • Limit vehicular roadway traffic

Also, whenever possible, try to pull off and also let traffic pass. Just by signalling another driver in order to pass your tractor/equipment, you will end up assuming responsibility for action of others too.

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