An Insight on Varied Kinds of Range Cookers

Since decades cooking ranges have been quite popular kitchen appliances preferred by cooking enthusiasts. The prime reasons to prefer range cookers than other modes of cooking appliances are because of better cooking control as it is user friendly and can finish cooking in lesser time.

While you are planning to buy best range cookers suitable to your budget and needs, firstly try to understand in detail about the type of range cookers. This will help you to make best choice and you won’t be duped by the salesperson.

Info about few popular range cookers in Canada:

Fuel Type:

  • Gas range: This is quite popular as it provides you the easiness to control the level of heat while cooking. Moreover, chefs are able to preciously note the amount of heat required to cook the food perfectly. Above all while viewing the flame on the gas stove highlights your feeling of being a perfect chef. You can save on your monthly energy bills, easy to maintain and long-lasting life span.
  • Electric range: Numerous modern homes have this kind of range stove as it looks really sleek and enhances the interior decor of modern kitchen. The stoves are easy to clean and best to help you bake foodies anytime. You have both coil stove tops and smooth stovetops varying in usage and cost. Bakers usually love to have electric range as its heating is even.
  • Duel fuel range: This kind offers you all the goodness of gas range and electric range. If the price isn’t a problem than buy duel fuel range.


  • Freestanding range: It will be a good choice if you live in rented house or have transferrable job. They are easy to manage and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Slide in range: You can slide them in any space perfectly fitting for it in your cooking arena.
  • Drop- in range: It is like as the name suggests fits parallel to your kitchen counter and doesn’t touch the floor. It needs customised installation and gives an enchanting and stylish appearance to your kitchen.

You can buy best reliable range cookers from online platforms like meselectros.com. They are highly rated sellers of various kitchen and electric appliances in most of the prominent regions of Canada. You can have the desired cooking range meeting your requirement with ease and it will be delivered to your given address without delay. Thus, you can enjoy cooking in your new range cooker within few days of placing a call.

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