Beauty Treatments You Can Do Yourself at Home

There’s nothing quite like a day at the spa, but most of us can’t afford to go to spas and have treatments done all the time. That’s why you should consider doing some beauty treatments at home, as you can do the simple stuff, then stick to pampering treatments when you get to go to the spa. Here are some beauty treatments you can do at home.

  1. Facials

While a professional facial is nice for pampering, ultimately, they are very simple to do at home and don’t necessarily need a professional. Using the right products is the key. You may want to look for a whitening mask sheet (known as แผ่นมาร์คหน้าขาวใส in Thai) to start with, then move onto other products that suit your skin type and needs. There are all sorts of facials, from anti-ageing to dry skin treatments, so put one together that works for you.

  1. Waxing

Home waxing takes some getting used to, but it can be surprisingly easy once you learn to do it.

Some areas you can usually wax yourself include:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Bikini line

For more complex waxing, like brows or Hollywood, you should leave it up to the professionals. Otherwise, all you need is some waxing strips. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully and stop if your skin gets irritated.

  1. Pedicures

Doing your own manicures can be tricky, but most people can manage a pedicure. Many pedicure appointments are long because they involve extras such as soaking your feet or removing dead skin, and these can easily be done at home. You can even buy kits to do your own gel nails now, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to have good looking feet.

  1. Hair masks

Another simple treatment to do at home is the hair mask. These can cost a fortune at the salon, but at home, you simply need the right product. You can then add it to your hair, then add a heated towel and sit and relax, before taking a warm shower and cleansing your hair.

Why spend a fortune at a spa when you can do your own treatments at home? You can spend more time relaxing, without feeling hurried, and can even enjoy watching TV while you do your pampering. Not only do you save a lot of money, you may feel you enjoy it more as it’s a much more relaxed environment.

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