3 Easy Ways To Help Children In Foster Care In Arizona

Are your aware that more than 400,000 children are in foster care in the US? More than 19,000 kids in Arizona are in foster care, and without community support and help, it is impossible to ensure a safe, happy, and secure future for these children. The good news is many people are willing to help, but often, they don’t know where to start. For many, becoming a foster parent is not an easy or obvious decision. In this post, we are sharing ways to help kids in foster care in Arizona.

  • Work with local organizations. There are numerous organizations, such as Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, which are working tirelessly to help, and you can choose to donate for them. Your donation can be also eligible for Arizona tax credit donations, and individual filers are allowed up to $500 tax credit. You can also choose to volunteer with these organizations, work with them in various capacities, such as raising funds and ensuring that they get the marketing and promotion they deserve.
  • Donate in kind. Many organizations are also open to donations in kind. You can choose to buy things for children in foster care, and you will be surprised that many kids just need the basic stuff. From books, stationery, and personal hygiene products, to smaller gadgets, tablets, and clothes, you can donate a wide range of things. Just ask in advance, so that your donation makes sense. You can also consider organizing a local event in your city in Arizona, where you can collect from others and encourage people to donate for the cause.

  • Help in other ways. Foster parents and relatives who take care of these kids are often overwhelmed with the responsibilities, and you can help them by offering respite care for a few days. You can also volunteer to do some of the basic activities, like dropping and picking up the child from school, while for teenagers, you can choose to mentor and show them ways in which they can build a career.

If foster parenting is not your thing, you can become a CASA volunteer. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate, who spends time with the child and speaks on his or her behalf. Truth be told, many children in foster care will not have a future they deserve, and we can actually help them in many ways. Pray for them, but more importantly, donate and share the cause.

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