Did You Know Quilting Is An Art?

Most of us have loved and appreciated quilts on many occasions, but do you know that quilting is actually considered as a form of art? Traditionally, quilting was done entirely by hand, and there are a few artists, who still adhere to that. The modern quilts are made with extreme care and precision, with many pieces taking months in completion. The art of creating quilts requires patience and understanding of various techniques. In general, sewing machines are never used.

The beauty of quilt art

Quilting artists, also called quilters, use a variety of traditional and modern techniques for their work. They are artists in their own right, because they take inspiration from varied sources. Many of them have their own quilting exhibitions, and they only take orders for unique designs, which are born out of imagination. Most of the traditional quilters rely extensively on handwork to design their quilts, and some take months in the making. Applique quilts, in particular, require considerable effort, time and a vision to craft unique designs. There are also heirloom quilts that are quite popular. Modern quilters work with designs that are not always conventional and often make to order.

Knowing more on quilting

When it comes to creating quilts, artists often like to retain some of their best work, and in some cases, they may design replicas for other clients. Typically, pieced quilts are easiest to make and cost the lowest, but if you go for top-end applique designs, you are likely to find more options that cost much more. If you want to buy a pieced quilt, check for colors and mix of shades, and accenting designs and shades are currently in trend. Many quilters may be able to customize pieced quilts for your needs, so that’s always an option.

Final word

Quilting requires patience and incredible ability to create new designs, because an artist never really does the same themes time and again, although they may like certain motifs. To know more on some of the modern pieced quilts and other designs, check for exhibitions online and find the right ideas. The beauty of a quilt designed by one of the famed quilters cannot be equated with price alone.

Do your homework on artists, check if they are associated with guilds, and yes, appreciate the effort that goes behind each piece – It is not something readymade that you usually pick from the market for your home or décor needs.

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